“At MARRIED ALIVE! you’ll laugh out loud. If you don’t, someone should check your pulse.”

– Robert Trussell, Kansas City Star

MARRIED ALIVE! will have audiences cry-laughing in the aisles. A playful jab at everything from the ideal to the ordeal.”

– Jim Quensenberry, Washington County News

“A roller coaster ride of sheer hilarity with a few stops for poignancy along the way”

– Jonathan Pearson, University News

“Laugh out loud funny …fun, charming, good writing
…very romantic …the ideal show.”

– Jonathan Abarbanel & Kelly Kleiman, NPR -Chicago

“The best new couples musical since I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE!, MARRIED ALIVE! will not only make you laugh, it will make a difference in your life.”

– David Arisco, Artistic Director – Actors’ Playhouse

“Writer Sean Grennan and composer Leah Okimoto have concocted a satirical reflection on the trials of marriage in modern America – everything from repellant in-laws to recalcitrant teenage offspring – while still leaving room for the occasional moment of honest tenderness and bittersweet sentiment.”

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“It good-naturedly chides people stupid enough to get all starry-eyed and marry, and, somehow, through thick and thin, stupid enough to end up still loving one another.”

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“Even if the title of the play doesn’t tip you off that it is going to be a hoot, the opening few minutes should, especially when both bride and groom at the wedding ceremony whip out long scrolls, each containing their own self-penned vows with phrases such as ‘I vow to be the Ken to your Barbie.'”

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” It’s gratifying that chunks of real sorrow and madness marble all the farcical sing-alongs and uplift of the final act.”

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“The adventures (and misadventures) that follow ‘I do’ are the fodder for Married Alive!, the frothy yet sporadically pithy summer show that has just opened at Actors’ Playhouse.”

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